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Web development


Buddy's Institute's Web Development course exposes the students to learn how to make webpages and websites from scratch and then moving on to contained platforms to be able to achieve faster results. The students will understand how webpages are formed and how the information is passed on the web and what each line of code is representing. The students will also learn how to code HTML, CSS, and JavaScript with the introduction of other languages such as PHP.

Course Outline:
Age: 10 - 17 yrs.
Lesson Length: 50 mins.
Length of course: Ongoing - 12 Classes/term x 2 terms.
Class Type: Group Class

Why Learn Web Development?

The web is the main source of knowledge this generation and to be able to create and develop a space online means that you are reserving a place for you in online. The students will be able to achieve that in a seamless manner and be able to customize their websites to make them personal to them and include information about them or about their interests and share it with the world around them.

On this web Development course, you will learn:

·         HTML, CSS, JavaScript languages
·         Project Management (Web files and directories)
·         WordPress
·         Client and Server Configuration
·         Networks and Internet Model


  • No prior Web Development experience is required.

  • RAM 8GB+

  • Core i5+

*Please contact the Institute to confirm your laptop is according to requirements or for recommendation on what laptop to purchase.