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The violin is one of the most rewarding and beautiful instruments to play. Violin classes at Buddy's include all the essential items, care and maintenance tips, beginning lessons, and more, that will get you up to speed on the violin as fast as possible.

Buddy’s caters to both children and adults wishing to learn or become more proficient in musical instruments. Students may already have been introduced to music at school, our lessons are designed to either start by giving a basic knowledge of music or to supplement what the student is learning at school.

Course Outline:
5 yrs. and above.
Lesson Length: 30 & 50 minutes.
Length of course: Ongoing semesters.
Class Type: Individual Classes 

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Benefits of violin classes: 

1. Violin Lessons Improve Memory and Attention Span

Many studies have been conducted on the benefits of playing the violin or some other musical instrument. A recent study by the McMaster University’s Institute for Music and the Mind found that musical training, even one year’s worth, positively impacts the memory and attention span.

2. Violin Lessons Boost Academic Skills

According to a study review presented by the Willson Center for Humanities and Arts, school-age children who play the violin often see a boost in academic achievement compared to their non-musical peers. Various studies cited in the review explain that there’s a commonality of skills associated with playing the violin and excelling in school. These skills include focused attention, critical thinking and problem solving.

3. Violin Lessons Increase Co-ordination

When you’re playing the violin, you need to coordinate both your fingers and your arms simultaneously. Pressing a string with your left hand must match up with the movement of the bow in your right in order to play correctly. In this way, learning the violin increases your coordination and motor skills

4. Violin Lessons Help Concentration

It takes effort to learn how to read violin music and translate the notes on a piece of paper into beautiful sounds. You must remain focused while practicing the violin to benefit from it, so playing the instrument inherently improves your concentration and attention span.

5. Violin Lessons Lower Stress Levels

On a stressful day, playing the violin is a healthy way to let off some steam. The sound of the music itself can be calming, and playing a song you know well can provide relaxation through the familiarity of the piece. After practicing, you may feel as though you just finished an effective therapy session!