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Our Teachers

Recognizing that quality teachers are instrumental to the success of the student, at Buddy’s we take great care in hiring experienced and qualified staff to cater to the development of all our students. Our Institute is staffed by teachers with degrees and certifications in Music and Dance from Universities, Colleges, Conservatoires or Professional Music programs. Our Teachers are well experienced in their fields and are chosen not only for their qualifications, but also for their ability to relate to students. Our Teachers are qualified to teach beginners as well as people with experience and cater to both children and adults.

Teaching Materials

Buddy’s Music and Dance Institute will conduct lessons using textbooks and teaching materials suited to the contents and features of each course. Teaching know-how accumulated over long years and the latest findings of R&D and teacher study groups will be effectively reflected in these textbooks and teaching materials to ensure they conform to the instructional philosophy underlying the systematic approach of the Buddy’s Music Education System.