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MUSIC FOR KIDS - A short course to discover your child's Musical Talents!  

Do you know what Neil Armstrong, Pele, Einstein and Richard Gere have in Common?  Well, if you guessed that they are all Super successful, you are probably right! 

But a lesser known but super important fact between all of them is that they ALL play a Music Instrument!  The truth is that Music Lessons are not just meant for people who want to end up being Musicians but the benefits of Music spill over to all areas of life.

Now, as parents, you are probably flooded with options and activities for your children - but you obviously also want your kids to be super successful right?  

Keeping that in mind we have SUPER LITE MUSIC COURSE FOR KIDS designed especially to be an exploration into the world of Music.   

Course Outline:
Age: 5 - 6 yrs.
Lesson Length: 50 mins.
Length of course: 12 Classes.
Class Type: Group Classes

   Our aim is to discover

1.  If your child likes Music (or doesn't)! You could have a budding Justin Bieber on your hands and not even know it!  We will discover this by introducing several musical activities, music games and musical concepts.  Students will also be made aware of the characteristics of Musical Sounds and explore the relation of Music to dance, theater, visual arts and much more.  

2.  We will introduce different Music Instruments and see which instruments your child is more inclined to.  Maybe there is a hidden Adele waiting to come out (So Yes, we will explore singing too!).  

We have designed this course to be super affordable since we would love to see the look on your face when your child's first music video plays on MTV. So, we are offering this to ONLY 7 Students on a First Book, First Serve basis. 

We really wanted to make this a no - brainer.  

So, if you have ever wondered if Music is right for your child, get this course and get this course fast! 

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