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let's sing - group class

Ever caught yourself singing in the shower imagining packed crowds cheering you on? 

Ever drive down the highway and belt out your favorite tune when no one was watching (wink!). 

Well, if you've done that ­ you are certainly not alone.  Most people have gone through life with the inner Adele (or Justin Bieber) still hidden inside.  But can you blame any of us?   Even the thought of singing in front of people is scary.   It fills us with anxiety and fear.  While for most of us this fear has put us off from pursuing our passion and prevented us from taking Singing Lessons ­ at Buddy's we have come up with the perfect solution for your young ones.  

Course Outline:
Age: 5-8
Lesson Length: 50 mins.
Length of course: 8 Classes.
Class Type: Group Classes

Here are some of the features of the class: 

  • Students will learn to Sing confidently in a Group
  • Get introduced to a varied repertoire of Music Genres such as Classical, Rock, Pop and increase their
    Musical knowledge.  
  • Learn Basic Music Skills (making it the perfect course for newbie singers)
  • Interact, share ideas and make Friends along the way!   

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