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Discover the power of Art with KidzArt …Two Extremely Creative and FUN Themes which will stretch children’s creative muscles.

This summer, give your child the opportunity to learn drawing skills that will last a lifetime through fun art exercises and techniques that anyone can follow. Each camp will be taught by Certified Instructors. 

Students will experiment with a wide variety of mediums,three-dimensional sculpture, unique surfaces and more. Students at KidzArt Camp will walk away with a lot more than just an appreciation of art.

Course Outline:
 5 yrs. and above.
Lesson Length: 3 hours/day
Length of course: 5 days
Time: 2 p.m. - 5 p.m.
Class Type: Group Class  

Week 1: Lets build Art & Architecture

Nature has always inspired  Architecture. Students spend five exciting days exploring other countries and cultures through their art. At each stop, they create unique art as a souvenir, while experimenting with different Art mediums andtechniques   like sculpture, 2-D, 3D, painting and so on….

Week 2 : Art Carnival

 This camp offers a diverse Arts Curriculum geared to stretch minds, exercise imaginations and introduce new idea-generating  techniques.  Super masterpieces created from various  unique materials  using several fine Art techniques,  like bubble wraps, boxes,glittery paper and many more..No art experience necessary—just a desire to create and have fun with different materials!

Kindly Note:
2. To confirm the space the payment has to made in advance
3. REFUNDS only possible if the management cancels the camps for unforeseen circumstances.
4. The child need to have his/her own apron or an old oversized T’ shirt & bottle of water.