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Summer courses - Introduction to PIANO

Not sure if Piano is the instrument for you?

Try our affordable Piano course  designed for those who know little or nothing about playing the piano. We will get you introduced to the fundamentals of Piano learning while having fun and playing some basic tunes.

Course Outline:
5 yrs. and above.
Lesson Length: 50 minutes.
Length of course: Option 1: 4 Lessons | Option 2: 8 Lessons
Class Type: Individual Classes 

What does the course cover? 

Option 1: 4 Lessons - Topics covered:

  • Proper Posture: Learn about the proper posture and how you should be sitting at your piano.
    Proper Hand Posture: Beginning to learn the piano with the proper hand posture will make things easier. 
    Piano fingering: Start to play easy tunes while working on your hand coordination.
  •  Understanding of the piano layout and key names: Learn to name the notes and play easy tunes while getting more familiar with the keyboard.
  • Chords: Learn about basic chords and how easy it is to construct them. Chords are combinations of notes, usually three or more notes that can be used to play the harmony for songs.
  • Technique: Learn about fun patterns you can play that will help improve your hand coordination!

Option 2: 8 Lessons - Topics covered:

In this course continue with the previously learnt aspects. New topics will be added such as;

  • Working with the basics of rhythm. Learn about basic beat, tempo, meter, time signature, note values, and every fundamental aspect of rhythm.
  • Introduction to musical notation: Learn about the basics of musical reading.


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