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Introduction to coding


"Everybody should learn how to program a computer...because it teaches you how to think." - Steve Jobs.
So, what do Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey (co-founder of Twitter) have in common? 

Well, apart from them all being billionaires and in the tech industry, they all have the same train of thought. They ALL believe- "That EVERYONE should know how to code"

In line with some of the greatest thinkers of today's age, we at Buddy's Institute teach a course called "Introduction to Coding."

The Course exposes students to learn code using the most efficient and simplest techniques. 

We walk through the world of code as students are taught the fundamentals of several programming languages such as Java, C++ and Python.

Course Outline:
Age: 10 - 17 yrs.
Lesson Length: 50 mins.
Length of course: Ongoing - 12 Classes/term x 3 terms.
Class Type: Group Class

Why Learn Coding?

Java, C++ and Python are the most commonly used programming languages in the industry, they offer flexibility and portability in both coding and developing software, they are also the base of many languages and technological concepts. In this course students will be looking at Java, C++ and Python as a language and as a Development Kit were they will learn how to use them efficiently and effectively to build their own applications and programs.

On this Introduction to coding course, you will learn:

·         Java, C++ and Python Syntax and Information about the language
·         Classes, Inheritance, Polymorphism
·         Utility Classes
·         Interfaces and Library Classes
·         Applets and GUI
·         Threads
·         Networking and Databases


  • No prior Coding experience is required.

  • Must have a PC or Mac capable of running Eclipse/Netbeans/PythonCharm

  • RAM 8GB+

  • Core i5+

*Please contact the Institute to confirm your laptop is according to requirements or for recommendation on what laptop to purchase.