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GUITAR Lessons (Acoustic, Electric & Bass)

Buddy’s Guitar Classes use comprehensive lessons to play electric guitar, bass guitar as well as acoustic guitars. Right from the first semester you’ll be playing along with your favorite tracks, playing chords, melody lines and even begin improvising. 

Course Outline:

Age: 7 yrs. and above.
Lesson Length: 30 & 50 minutes.
Length of course: Ongoing semesters.
Class Type: Individual & Group Classes (3-4 students).

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Benefits of Guitar classes: 

1. Mental Ability and Agility: Research proves that playing the guitar is good for your mental ability and agility. For instance, when learning to play the guitar, students have to assign a lot of things to their memory which jogs the grey matter of their brain to a very large extent. When students learn to play the guitar, they have to memorize chords and charts, features of songs and even music theory as well as other aspects that help keep the brain quite agile.

2. Self Esteem: Playing the guitar great enhances the self esteem and confidence of any person. If you know how to play the guitar, and are able to perform, at whatever level, you get a lot of personal satisfaction. This also greatly boosts your self confidence as you feel more assured of your capabilities.

3. Social Skills: When you are young, it seems as if playing the guitar can serve the purpose of enhancing your social desirability.

4. Musical Inclinations: Playing the guitar is quite beneficial for those who want to hone their musical appreciation and skills also. Learning musical notations as well as chords also helps one to develop oneself musically and perhaps take up music as a professional artist or a music composer and director too.

5. The Fun Element: Playing the guitar spices up your life and makes it much easier for you to spend time with yourself, friends and family too. It can also help to brighten up the mood when you are feeling low or blue.