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Guitar ensembles

The Guitar Ensembles Course - Learning guitar is better with community!

Picking up a Guitar and making beautiful music in a band is a great feeling AND a big accomplishment.  Sadly, most people never learn how to play and miss out.  That's why we started the Guitar Ensembles Course - a Group guitar class for young ones, designed specifically for beginners to learn and play in a group.   

The Course is clear, entertaining and has been designed with easy lesson plans keeping the beginner guitarist in mind.  The lessons build on skills slowly, so your child develops the confidence to play individually and then in a group.  

The Group Setting is a much needed Feature in Society today to teach kids to collaborate, make friends and share the joy of learning the Guitar together.


Course Outline:
Age: 7- 9 & 10-13 yrs.
Lesson Length: 50 mins.
Length of course: 12 Classes.
Class Type: Group Classes

Pre requisites:

- Willingness and ability to practice at home.
- Desire to create beautiful music with others.

Learning guitar doesn’t have to be lonely any-more, so let’s get social with this affordable, fun and easy way to learn the guitar!

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