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Course Overview

Fun with Crafts at Buddy’s Institute is all about exploring together and having fun!

Spark your child’s natural curiosity. Our Fun with Crafts courses inspire your child’s imagination and nurture their creativity and potential with fun, hands-on crafts activities.

Buddy’s Institute’s interactive courses focus on motor skills, creativity and most importantly, the fun factor for children. Kids learn how to create 3-D paper projects, clay figurines, decoupage items, paper flowers, paper quilling and string art. They also participate in exciting activities like painting, stamping, drawing, mosaics, and scrapbooking, learning the use of mixed media techniques, and much more!

Course Outline:
 6 yrs. and above
Lesson Length: 90 minutes
Length of Course: 13 Classes
Class Type: Group

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Children at Buddy’s learn finer details of  craft as they create 3-D paper projects, clay figurines, decoupage items, paper flowers, paper quilling, scrapbooking and much more. Each session enhances their innovation as kids experiment with materials and excitedly MAKE their finished products.

At Fun with Crafts, kids TAKE home their creation. That’s the most fun part! You’ll always receive your child’s unique piece of art to be proud of.

Kids at Buddy’s learn to create something new in every class. You will see how they TREASURE all their artwork and lovingly decorate their homes, and this continues to inspire their innate artistic instincts and boosts their self-confidence, focus and fine motor skills.

You’ll see your children gain immense confidence when they SHARE their newfound artistic knowledge with their friends. Fun with Crafts helps children make gifts for people they love, with a personal touch and a high level of satisfaction.