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the debate skills training programme

Course Overview

The Debate Skills training at Buddy's Institute is a fun and engaging programme that develops public speaking confidence, reasoning and logical thinking abilities. The course has been designed to motivate young minds to hone these skills through a series of enjoyable debate simulations and creative tasks that are carefully designed keeping the age group in mind.

Given the varied topics that this training covers, it would equip participants with broad, multi-faceted knowledge that cuts across several disciplines outside their standard academic subjects.

Course Outline:
8 yrs. and above
Lesson Length: 120 minutes
Length of Course: Ongoing semesters
Class Type: Group

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Debating is an extremely important skill for your child to master in today’s world. While the focus is on persuading the opposition and judges, it has an immense impact on your child’s confidence and his or her ability to present thoughts in a structured manner and take on opposing thoughts with valid arguments.

The course will also help them learn key basics of disciplines like body language, research and teamwork. Students will be able to relate to and resonate with the engaging and challenging activities interwoven into the course.