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Buddy's coding Camp 2019

The World is changing Fast.
Coding, A.I. are not just buzzwords but ARE the FUTURE. 
In recognition of this changing landscape, our team at Buddy's has a dedicated SPRING CAMP for kids interested in CODING (Ages 6 to 9). 
The camp will empower children by training them, enriching their existing knowledge, improving their skills and preparing them for tomorrow.
These workshops are intended to heighten the NATURAL CURIOSITY of your child in CODING and build a solid FOUNDATION.
This heightened interest in Coding today will help smoothen your child into the Digital Future.

Camp Details:
Age:                                   6-12 years
Timing:                            10 a.m. - 1.00 p.m.
Days:                                 Sunday - Thursday
Length of course:          Weekly
Class Type:                      Group Classes
Fees:                                  AED 699/week
Sibling Discounts Available.


Coding Camp Details

  • Day 1: Students will be able to create their own applets and apply code that will run different pictures and activities then be challenged to improve that code

  • Day 2 & 3: Students will choose a character and work their way through obstacles while learning coding (Javascript/ Python).

  • Day 4: Students will make games and programs but not by typing coding the old fashioned style, instead they will use visually drag blocks of code and snap them together

  • Day 5: Students will have a preview of how games are developed in the indstry and get to make their small mini game.

 The camp requires a laptop computer and a Chrome (29+), Firefox (30+), Safari (7+), or Internet Explorer (10+) browser. No downloads required. Courses are not supported on tablets.

March 31 - April 4

April 7 - 11