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3D Modeling and Animation


Ever looked at video games and wondered how developers manage to create such realistic visuals and jaw-dropping art? Have some developers just been born with a 'design gene' that makes stunning visuals appear automatically when they are building a game? What separates a 'ho-hum' video game from the giants in the gaming world is the team of developers that have spent hours perfecting it.  

And here's the secret behind the best developers. The best developers became the 'BEST' not only by mastering the code but also understanding the different aspects of design. They became 'Wholistic' in their approach to building games.  

At Buddy's our 3D Modeling and Animation course has been created to help Developers bridge any gaps between their coding skills and design.  Students of this course will develop their new skill set using software called AutoDesk Maya which is a multi-platform software used to create different forms of modeling entities and animations. 

While creating designs using Maya, students will be thought about the basics of good artistic designs, graphics, lighting, and shading.  With time and practice, students will be able to understand what colors look good together and match the look of the character with the backgrounds or use animations to change the feel of a game.

Once the fundamentals are mastered, students are limited to only their imagination. 

Course Outline:
Age: 10 - 17 yrs.
Lesson Length: 110 mins.
Length of course: Ongoing - 12 Classes/term x 2 terms.
Class Type: Group Classes/Private Classes

Why Learn 3D Modeling and Animation?

Modeling give a form of creativity for the students to be able to create something new that never existed before using simple tools, while Animation helps write a story of the model that was created and giving it a reason or a meaning to be there. These skills will help the students form a creative mind and always exceeds its limits and thinks outside the box.

On this Modeling and Animation course, you will learn:

·         The Maya editor and all its tools
·         Project Management (Models and Animations files and directories) 
·         Texturing and Materials (Shaders, Particles) 
·         Lighting and Shading (Directional, Ambient)    
·         Computer Graphics (Pipeline, Pixels)    
·         Modeling Techniques    
·         Animation Techniques    
·         Theory about Modeling & Animation and their software   


  • No prior Modeling and Animation or Maya experience is required.

  • Must have a PC or Mac capable of running Maya

  • RAM 8GB+

  • Graphics Card 1050ti + (Nvidia or AMD)

  • Core i5+

*Please contact the Institute to confirm your laptop is according to requirements or for recommendation on what laptop to purchase.